Chandler Fozard, founding pastor

Almost 30 years ago, Chandler was sentenced to prison; he discharged that ten year sentence in four years. But that’s where God saved him. He spent the next four studying seminary level material at tax-payer expense. Today, by the grace of God alone, he is a husband, father, grandfather, author and teacher of the same truth that continues to change his life, and a mentor to many.  He is a licensed life and health insurance agent and holds a Class A CDL. As a passionate, lifelong student of Biblical counseling, his greatest influences are Dr. Jay E. Adams, through his writing and personal communication, and the pastoral ministry of Pastor Richard Shaw (OPC), and the family dynamics he had the privilege to witness while he was a member at the Stillwater RPCNA, where Bruce Parnell is the pastor. Chandler is married to Barbara and they live in Fort Worth with their son, Brandon, a graduate of New Saint Andrews college (

Barbara Fozard, hospitality

Bryan McKinley

Barbara has been known to say that when she married Chandler she learned she better keep her running shoes on! Unlike anyone else on this page, Barbara was raised in an amazing home with a wonderful family in El Paso. Her dad, Cecil, was known throughout the community as the most hospitable person in the neighborhood; his family almost maintained an open door policy, welcoming everyone in, and treating them to the best in hospitality and home cooking! Today, Barbara is known by our men for the same, and we know you’ll experience the same hospitality from her. After one Thanksgiving meal she prepared, one man remarked, “I’m 47 years old and I think that’s the first time I’ve ever sat around a dinner table with a family that prayed.” We know Cecil is proud of her!

Jason Rodrigue, treasurer

Jason Rodrigue brings with him over 14 years of Accounting experience, including 8 years of teaching experience at prestigious universities such as Southern Methodist University, LSU and University of Texas at Dallas. Previously he was licensed as a CPA in the state of Texas from 2011 through 2016 and was an International Tax Manager with IBM Cloud. He graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas with a Master’s degree in Accountancy and from Nicholls State University where he earned an MBA and bachelor’s degrees in both Accounting and Economics. He has published academic research articles in The Journal of Forensic Accounting and Oil, Gas & Energy Quarterly. Mr. Rodrigue also tutored on the topics of Management Accounting and Finance to corporate executives enrolled in SMU’s prestigious Executive MBA program. And he taught professional seminars to business owners on such topics as QuickBooks, small business management and tax planning as part of UT Dallas’ Executive Education program.

Ronny Mares, ruling elder

Ronny Mares

Ronny Mares attended services led by Hope Prison Ministries while he was incarcerated.  He applied to come under care of the ministry after his release and, based upon recommendations from those who knew him best, inside and out, the ministry accepted him.  More than perhaps anyone else in our program, Ronny’s winsome personality endears him to all who know him.  Ronny personifies the Scripture which states that servants of the Lord must be not be quarrelsome, kind to everyone, able to teach, patient, in humility correcting those who are in opposition.  In addition to serving on our board, he currently serves as our house manager.